Restoration & Work Space

stabaArte has developed a variety of specialized products to assist art restorers, registrars, and collection managers with their day-to-day work. Drawing on the expertise of our customers, stabaArte has developed Easels, ReproSystems, Picture Trolleys, WorkTables and Picture Hooks.

Work table, Schloss Homburg, Nümbrecht
ReproSystem, Gemäldegalerie Berlin
Easel VarioStaff
Picture Trolley
Picture Trolley
Easel Staff 22
Picture Trolley BW 200, Tschernomyrdin Museum, Orenburg, RUS
Picture Trolley BW-200, Rajschew Galerie, Chanty Mansijsk, RUS
ReproSystem, Wallraf-Richartz Museum Köln
Hooks for Cleats
stabaArte Bilderhaken mit Clip
stabaArte M Haken
stabaArte S Haken mit Gewinde und Befestigungsplatte
stabaArte Sonderhaken, CICRP Marsaille, F