stabaArte cabinets provide optimum space management as well as quick and easy access to all objects. The product range includes hinged door cabinets in different designs as well as Flat-file, and drawer cabinets. Object cabinets and drawer cabinets are also available in XXL formats. For special needs, we develop custom solutions, such as the stabaArte MaxTablar cabinet. It has been specifically designed to accommodate delicate textiles and all flat, lightweight exhibits.

Flat File Cabinet
Flat File Cabinet XXL, Centre de la gravure, Belgien
Flat File Cabinet XXL, Jüdisches Museum Berlin
MaxTablar front cover, Schloss Homburg, Nümbrecht
MAXTABLAR Cabinet, Historisches Museum Frankfurt a.M.
MaxTablar, Historisches Museum Frankfurt a.M.
Qatar National Museum, flat file cabinet
Qatar National Museum, Max Tablars
Qatar National Museum, Max Tablars
Objekt Cabinet, Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt
Objekt Cabinet, with drawers Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt
Cabinet with art screens, StadtbiblioLangenfeld
Qatar National Museum, cabinet with drawers
Drawer Cabinet, Tschernomyrdin Museum, RUS
Object Cabinet