Mobile Shelving Systems

stabaArte Mobile Shelving have been developed to best utilize existing floor space. Compared to stationary shelving systems, the storage capacity can be increased by up to 230%. The shelving equipment is functional and easy to use.

The stabaArte Mobile Shelving consists of rails, mobile carriages, and shelving units. Depending on the local conditions, rails can be installed flush with the finish floor or on top of the floor. In the latter case, the tracks are set into a false floor pedestal. 

The mobile carriages are made of torsion-free welded steel frames. The sophisticated drive mechanism ensures that all mobile carriages move simultaneously and smoothly. 

Depending on the items to be stored, the carriages are furnished with shelving units or other storage furnishings, such as cabinets, drawers, pull-outs, or textile racks. Existing equipment can also be incorporated.  

stabaArte CompactDepots ensure careful and secure storage and minimize access times.

Chazen Museum, Mobile shelving with drawers
Chazen Museum , mobile shelving, drawers
Chazen Museum, mobile shelving
Mobile Shelving, cantilever arm, Museum Ludwig
Mobile Shelving, electric, Colorado Springs Fine Art Center
Mobile Shelving, gun racks, Tschernomyrdin Museum (Waffenhalter)
Mobile shelving, in ground tracks
Mobile Shelving, Nationalmuseum Bishkek, Kirgistan
Mobile Shelving, rolled textile storage, Colorado Springs Fine Art Center
Mobile Shelving, Schloss Homburg (above-floor-tracks)
Mobile Shelving, textile storage, Tschernomyrdin Museum (Endregal-mit-Schiebetüren).jpg
Qatar National Museum, mobile shelving with Max Tablars
Chazen Art Museum, Mobile shelving with pull out trays